Reasons Why Patients Don’t Always Follow Doctors’ Orders

Do you want to know the Reasons Why Patients Don’t Always Follow Doctors’ Orders? When it comes to following doctor’s orders, many patients forget or ignore them. For example, many patients skip doses, fail to fill their prescription or forget to take medications. Keep in mind that if all patients were to follow their doctor’s guidelines, billions of dollars can be saved since ailments and conditions will be treated by taking medication as instructed by the medical professional. In this post, we’ll look at reasons why patients fail to follow these orders.


Expensive Medication

One of the Reasons Why Patients Don’t Always Follow Doctors’ Orders is that the healthcare industry offers some medications at high costs. However, you should remember that the cost of failing to take your prescription medicine can be higher than what you could have spent buying them. One solution is to have a simple conversation with your doctor who will you advise on alternative options such as taking generic alternatives.


Forgetting To Take the Medication


For most of us, following a new routine can be hard, which includes taking medication as ordered by your doctor. The best way to ensure you don’t forget is by using a traditional pillbox that ensures you remember to take your medication. Leave it on your counter so you can see it. For some people, using set alarms is the best way to remember to take their medication.


Opting To Try Natural Alternatives First


In many instances, physicians realize that patients ignored their advice in order to try natural alternatives. While you may benefit by choosing this route, you should make sure you consult your doctor before trying any alternative supplement.


Difficulty in Filling the Prescription


Some healthcare providers make it a difficult task to get the pill bottle. Calling and faxing in prescriptions to pharmacies is not always timely, which means that patients can ignore the advice. Dealing with your insurance provider can be another hard task. Remember that some studies have shown if filling the prescription is made easier, the cost of these medications may rise steeply.


Unpleasant Side Effects


Some life-saving prescriptions can result in unpleasant side effects, which can affect your daily routine. However, instead of you avoiding taking it, you should consult your doctor, who can recommend another option with fewer side effects. On the other hand, a change in your lifestyle or diet can help in minimizing discomfort.


Challenges in Accessing the Pharmacy


Lack of transportation or disability can prevent patients from refilling or filling their prescriptions. One excellent solution is using the mail-order pharmacy service. That’s because it greatly helps when it comes to compliance in the case that accessing the pharmacy is a challenge.




The above informative article on Reasons Why Patients Don’t Always Follow Doctors’ Orders should enable you to find the best solution in the case that you have medications to take or prescriptions to fill. The cost of not taking medication can be expensive when you compare it to following doctor’s orders, which means you should consult with him or her on the best way forward.